My Dream Job

         My dream job is to become an interior designer. I think that this job seems like so much fun. Talking to clients to find out exactly what they want and then making it come to life. I know that I will really enjoy picking out cool paint colors to paint all of the separate rooms. Also, I would love finding new and different furniture that blends well with the colors and other accessories in the room. I don’t really know how long I have wanted to do this for. I guess I never really thought about it before we were assigned this project. But now that I am thinking about it, this seems like a very fun thing to do. It does seem a little bit unrealistic for me to pursue because I don’t think that there are many opportunities for interior designers. Also, I’m sure that you would need to be extremely organized, and I am not that organized. But, of course I would want to try really hard to do it!

        After I looked at my job on O*Net, I found out some very interesting facts. First of all, the salary. I would earn $22.89 hourly and $47,600 annually. That is a good amount of money for someone who is just starting out their job. Next,  you would need at least a Bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. Some things that were in the job description did surprise me. First of all, all of the skills that you need to be good at to be successful. I would’ve thought that you didn’t need at of the skills that were listed. For example, you need to be good at active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, service orientation, social perceptiveness, coordination, critical thinking, persuasion, writing, and complex problem solving. Also, of course so many other things. I guess that now that I think about it, all of the skills you need do make sense because you really need to be able to sell houses and cool designs and make them like the new area that you decorated. After learning more about the job, it makes me want to become an interior designer even more.

       After taking the online quiz, my results indicated that I was a people person. In some ways, the results do support what I want to do, be an interior designer. For example, the first category says I am a business-minded pragmatist and that I would be great in sales. That is kind of what interior designers need to do, they need to sell products and designs to people, so that puts them in the category of sales. There was a few job suggestions that did not go along with my dream of being an interior designer. The job suggestions were a judge, nurse, psychologist, teacher, or a media executive. I also like some of those suggestion, even though they do not go along with and support my being an interior designer.

Blog Nomination

This week I am nominating Kerry’s blog. I think that it is a really great blog because of all the details that she puts into all of the posts. Also, the pictures always fit perfectly with what she is writing about and are always cited so the reader knows exactly where she found them. I also really love the background that Kerry chose. The flower on the top is very pretty and you can also find the post that you are looking for very quickly because it is so organized. Overall, I think that Kerry’s blog is very good and deserves to be nominated! You should check it out!

My Trip to London and Paris

Ritchie, Rob and Donna. Eiffel Tower. 1991. Pics4Learning, France. Pics4Learning. Web. 15 Nov. 2013.

Ritchie, Rob and Donna. Eiffel Tower. 1991. Pics4Learning, France. Pics4Learning. Web. 15 Nov. 2013.

Over the summer, I traveled to London, England and Paris, France with my family. When we got there, we went to London first. It was really hard to adjust to the time change, but when I did, I had an amazing time. The first day, we went to Big Ben and Parliament. We also went on the London Eye. It was very cool to look around England from so high up! We took a boat ride down the Thames River to the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. We also saw the changing of the guard at the Queen’s Buckingham Palace. We also took a train to Windsor and took a tour of Windsor Castle. All the sights were really fun to see and I would definitely want to go again!

On the fifth day, we took a train to Paris. When we got there, we took a ferry ride down to Seine River. That was when we got to see all of the sights for the first time. We went to Notre Dame, which was really beautiful. We also went shopping and went on top of the Arc de Triomphe. And of course, we went to the Eiffel Tower. We took an elevator up one of the sides of the Eiffel Tower to the second floor. When we got up there, the sun was starting to set and the Tower lit up while we still on it! It was pretty. We also took a train to Versaille and saw the Palace of Versaille and took a tour of the gardens and the Palace. Overall, it was the best vacation I have ever been on!

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My Grandparents

n/a, n/a. Typewriter. 0. ShutterStock, n/a. ShutterStock. Web. 29 Oct. 2013

n/a, n/a. Typewriter. 0. ShutterStock, n/a. ShutterStock. Web. 29 Oct. 2013

The most important invention that has been made since my grandparents have been born was a laptop computer. When they were our age, they had to rely on typewriters to do all of their school work. But now, we have very fast and efficient computers to get our work done. I’m sure that my grandparents would have loved to have laptops when they were our age, but they probably would have never thought that it was possible to have something so advanced as a laptop computer.



We do many different fundraisers at our school. One fundraiser that we do is Hoops for Hearts. We all sign up to play on different basketball teams. But, in order to play we have to raise money. We all bring home an envelope and contact our family members, asking them to donate money. All the money we raise goes to the American Heart Association which helps support people with heart diseases. Another fundraiser that we have been doing since elementary school is Pennies for Patients. We put a little a little box in every homeroom for collection. Everyone brings in spare change and put it in the box. We collect all this money and donate it to people that are fighting Leukemia and Lymphoma.

A Day in The Life of Me

School Bus

Kolk, Melinda. schoolbus.jpg. Aug-00. Pics4Learning. 3 Oct 2013

Coolidge Middle School is the school that I go to. I usually get up to go to school 6:30. For breakfast, I often have cereal with milk. For lunch I have, a sandwich with chips and other little snacks. I have something different for dinner every night. My friend Lucy drives me to school every morning. It only takes me about 3 minutes to get from my house to school and then the same from school back home. A typical lunch that I have at school is a bagel or a sandwich and chips. The subjects that I have at school are English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and French. The special subjects and electives that I take are Art, Gym, and Technology Enrichment. Technology in our school is a lot of laptops and computers, and IPads. After school, I go home and do my homework and then I have dance pretty much everyday. We have 180 days of school and we have 2 semesters and 4 quarters.

Reading, Massachusetts

Activity 1

The town that I live in is Reading, Massachusetts. Reading is 369 years old. It was established on June 10th, 1644. It was named after Reading, England because that is where all of the settlers came from.

 Activity 2

1. One really fun place to go is Zinga. It is a self serve frozen yogurt place and it is so good!

2. Another fun place to go is Portland Pie Company which is a really good pizza place.

3. About 15 minutes from Reading is Boston. When you are there you can go to Frog Pond where you can skate on the pond in the winter.

4. In Boston, you can also go to Faneuil Hall which is a really fun place to walk around and shop and go out to eat.

5. You can also watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park which is so much fun! 

About Me

  1. My name is Juliana.
  2. I’m in eighth grade.
  3. I go to Coolidge Middle School.
  4. My favorite subject is art.
  5. I live in the USA.
  6. I love to dance.
  7. I have an older brother and younger sister.
  8. I’ve been to London and Paris.
  9. I have 20 cousins.
  10. I love to go to the beach.
  11. My favorite color is purple.
  12. I have a dog named Leo.
  13. I love to hang out with friends.
  14. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  15. I am 13 years old.
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